On the use of film and emerging media technologies for existential health and stress management. This is a project in the interface between film, existential health/stress management, and architecture, involving several universities. The project’s focus is on developing, testing the effects of, and finally implementing a contemplative space with cinematic content for healthcare environments. The space consists of a film projection on four walls, with moving images and sound designed to help individuals gather their thoughts, feel inspired, and process grief.

The project allows for a study where participants are spatially immersed in cinematic arts, and thus guides us in understanding how immersive cinema – with the film surrounding rather than being in front of the audience – affects the human perception. The project is developed via cross-pollination between specialist skills in artistic practice-based research in film, emerging media technologies and architecture.

The aim is to catalyze new forms of cinema capturing the critical, ethical and societal potentials and to add to the international knowledge base regarding Arts in Health. The project is future and innovation-oriented. We aim to develop a prototype for a mobile screening room, the Cine4Health, which in the long term can be adapted for use in multiple types of environments, where people can benefit from being in solitude with their existential thoughts.

The project is international in scope and will combine the objectives of both bringing in the questions of healthcare environments, art and society into interaction with the development of new media technologies, including VR and augmented reality.