Land of Dreams – Sweden Revisited

Land of Dreams – Sweden Revisited is a film about Sweden today, in a world where democracy is in crisis, the climate is in crisis and the pandemic created yet another one, which gradually seems to be receding now. Filmed continuously from November 2019, it showcases different outlooks, different temperaments, different backgrounds, all reacting to the times we live in. What do we see, what do we talk about, who are we, what are the times we live in today like? What seeps in from the world around us? What weighs on us, what makes us happy? Where are we headed? A cross-section of society, a depiction of people and diversity. A clear-eyed look at humanity through the eyes of the ever-present camera.

Cinematographer: Robert Nordström Sound: Jan Alvermark Editing: Julian Antell Directing: Kirsi Nevanti. Drone cinematographer: Peter Östlund. In development with support from Juan Pablo Libossart /SFI.

Images and the Worlds of Being (2019 April)

A journey of the eye and the mind in parallel realities in a tenderly portrayed, runaway present, filmed all over the world. On the borders we build and encounter. The film ingeniously spotlights the finite, beautiful, chaotic, uncertain and amazing world we live in. Three formats offer a diversity of audiences both a classic and an immersive cinematic experience: A 4-screen projection in VR Classic Style (four screens forming a single space), a Virtual Reality version presented in HTC Vive and a Classic Style Cinema version for a single screen for Cinema and TV distribution. Swedish Distribution: Folkets Bio. Cinema premiere April 2019.