The films and work related to artistic practice-based research

Images and the Worlds of Being – An immersive cinematic experience. A film about the borders we build and the borders we cross. A 4-screen projection, 18 min. Directing/cinematography: Kirsi Nevanti. Editing: Julian Antell. Sound design: Jan Alvermark. With support from Sada/Uniarts and commissioning editors Cecilia Lidin and Klara Grunning, Swedish Film Institute. The two additional formats of the work are: A Virtual Reality visualisation, 18 min for HTC Vive. A Classic Cinema Version for One Screen. 18 min. Distribution formats: DCP, exe. Swedish Cinema Distribution: Folkets Bio (scheduled premiere 2019). For festival distribution: Sara Ruster, SFI.

Nevanti, Kirsi IRL (Amor Mundi) – Essays 2012-2017 (PDF, Stockholm 2017): 63-107

A Shift Between Worlds – As a part of the PhD project In Real Life (or Elsewhere): photographic art works, video essays and audio works on gender and identity, 1 & 2, presented at the Tempo Documentary festival in March 2015 (SADA 2013-2015). Team: photographer Johan Bergmark, editor Julian Antell, sound designer Jan Alvermark. With Diane Torr, in connection to the Man For A Day and Woman For A Day workshops at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Diane Speaks Out – about gender and identity– a short (2016). Cinematographer Kirsi Nevanti, sound recording of interviews Anders Nyberg, sound design and mix Jan Alvermark, editing Julian Antell. With performance artist Diane Torr, in connection with A Shift Between Worlds.


In Real Life (or Elsewhere) – Essays on creative processes and parallel realities in documentary film (A SADA publication 2013, in connection to Nevanti’s doctoral seminar at the Nobel Museum in November 2013).

Audio introduction one overcast morning

Screenplays and feature length films

Tracks of Twilight original title: Hämärän Jäljet (2011/2015) -How many chances do we get in life? A survival story about a man and two women he randomly meets in the strange city of Gothenburg. A film about repressed emotions, unexpected moments of tenderness among people who might have hoped for better luck in the lottery of life. A screenplay based on Asko Sahlberg’s original novel entitled Hämärän Jäljet. Adaptation Kirsi Nevanti, dialogue Asko Sahlberg, script editor professor Paul Thompson, NYU.

Tomorrow Never Knows (2007). Feature-length documentary. At the beginning of Tomorrow Never Knows, we meet the subjects of this documentary as if they were characters in a feature film. The difference is that all elements of glamour or polished fiction are missing. Pontus and Marina, both homeless and wandering around Stockholm, used to be a couple. Their existence looks pretty hopeless, but you never know what tomorrow might bring. After having been homeless for eight years, Pontus becomes best in class in mathematics at KTH. At the end of the film, Pontus and Marina make the trip of their lives to China, and the argument they get involved in there reflects how hard it is to keep a relationship in life.
Idfa Joris Ivens Competition 2007, Tokyo Swedish Film Days 2008 among other festivals.

Among the Elves. Original title En släkting till älvorna (1999). Feature length documentary. A film about the Swedish vocalist and living legend Freddie Wadling (1951-2016), a man with few inhibitions, who turned from freak to virtuoso. As a child, he didn’t speak for seven years; as an adolescent, he embarked on a career as a punk rocker with a rich repertoire of songs – he’s done it all, including medieval chant and the Kurt Weill cannon. (Honorary mention Idfa Joris Ivens Competition 1999, Locarno Critics’ Week 2000.) Cinema Premiere in 1999 in Sweden. Screened at the Cinemateket Classic Films Programme 2016/2017 in Stockholm and in Gothenburg. Distribution: Folkets Bio

Freddie Wadling i sus och dus

Shorts and TV productions

Haiku 222 Remembrance. (The YIDFF’s 311 Documentary Film Archive)

Light My Fire – Niels Bohr and the Copenhagen Spirit. An animated short (2001). For the Nobel Museum Centennial Exhibition Cultures of Creativity, on the theme “what is creativity and how can creative activity best be encouraged ” 2001- ongoing 2018 at the Nobel Museum, Old Town, Stockholm.

Once Upon a Time – Basel Institute of Immunology (2001), for the Nobel Museum Centennial Exhibition Cultures of Creativity.

Välling & Fotogen starring Mats Öberg (1998 SVT)

Lullaby for Lost Souls starring Morgan Ågren (1997).

Belgrade Calling – About the silent resistance against war in Serbia (1995)

St Petersburg – Just Around the Corner (1992).